The Marsico Institute, led by Drs. Julie Sarama and Doug Clements, serves as a consultant to local and national initiatives and interventions, working to ensure early learning opportunities that are based in good science, developmentally appropriate, and focused on issues of access and equity. We conduct research and provide evaluation services for both large and small scale programs, as well as professional development aligned to our research. The links below highlight a number of our past and current projects.

Children's Measurement Project

Developing Teaching Expertise @ Mathematics (Dev-TE@M)

Development and Research in Early Mathematics Education (DREME) Network

TRIAD Project

STEMMIIEE - S.T.E.M. Innovation for Inclusion in Early Education


Selected Publications

Relative to Common Core State Standards in Mathematics

  • Clements, D. H., Fuson, K. C., & Sarama, J. (2019). Critiques of the common core in early math: A research-based response. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 50(1), 11–22. doi: 10.5951/jresematheduc.50.1.0011
  • Clements, D. H., Fuson, K. C., & Sarama, J. (2017). What is developmentally appropriate teaching? Teaching Children Mathematics, 24(3), 179–188. doi: 10.5951/teacchilmath.24.3.0178
  • Clements, D. H., Fuson, K. C., & Sarama, J. (2017). The research-based balance in early childhood mathematics: A response to Common Core criticisms. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 40, 150–162.
  • Fuson, K. C., Clements, D. H., & Sarama, J. (2015). Making early math education work for all children. Phi Delta Kappan, 63–68.

Related to Our Interventions

  • Dumas, D., McNeish, D., Sarama, J., & Clements, D. (2019). Preschool mathematics intervention can significantly improve student learning trajectories through elementary school. AERA Open, 5(4), 233285841987944. doi:10.1177/2332858419879446
  • Watts, T. W., Duncan, G. J., Clements, D. H., & Sarama, J. (2018). What is the Long?Run impact of learning mathematics during preschool? Child Development, 89(2), 539-555. doi:10.1111/cdev.12713


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