For Families

For families at home with young children during the COVID-19 crisis, we hope our website can be a place for you to find high quality, fun early math activities!
Our site is detailed and can be a challenge to navigate for those new to our website. These Quick Start Guides are some starting places for you and your child(ren) to playfully engage in math learning at home or at school. 

Quick Start Guide - Birth to 36 months

Quick Start Guide - Age 3 - 5 Years

Quick Start Guide - Grades 1 -3

These handouts include ideas to support math at home! 
¡Estos folletos incluyen ideas para apoyar las matemáticas en casa!
Household Items to Support Math   : Artículos en el Hogar para Apoyar Matemáticas en la Casa 
Math at Home  :  Matemáticas en la Casa  
Math in Everyday Routines   :   Encontrando Matemáticas en Rutinas Diarias
Math Talk  :   Lenguaje Matematico
Tips for Read-Alouds in Math - This resources provides research-supported ways to engage children in math through books. It also includes a large list of books for children in multiple areas of math.


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