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For families at home with young children during the COVID-19 crisis, we hope our website can be a place for you to find high quality, fun early math activities!

If you have some time to play with shapes with your child, try the Free Explore level of our Shape Puzzle game! (Login to see the game0

  • In this version of the game, the child can put together any group of shapes, as long as they touch but don't overlap. 
  • Then, a family member or friend can try to make the same shape, using an outline of their design as a guide!

If a child is working on their own and is very new to using the computer, this C4L game counts aloud to them while they click on the school house and fill the bus with children. (for very early counters)

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Tips for Read-Alouds in Math - This resources provides research-supported ways to engage children in math through books. It also includes a large list of books for children in multiple areas of math.

Other Resources for Family Math

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