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[LT]2 is a web-based tool for early childhood educators to learn about how children think and learn about mathematics and how to teach mathematics to young children (birth to age 8).

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The website provides teachers with access to information about Learning Trajectories for math. Teachers can also review short video clips of children's thinking along the math Learning Trajectories. Users can access hundreds of classroom activity ideas to support children's development along the math trajectories.

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The Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories tool at LearningTrajectories.org is an extension of a site originally designed to be integrated into professional development experiences, generous donors have helped make this site available  to anyone interested in supporting young children's mathematical thinking. Here you can see videos of children’s thinking at each level of each topic (learning trajectory), as well as classroom and home videos of teachers and caregivers helping children learn that level of thinking. Each instructional activity has PDFs that you can print out and use. These PDFs fully describe the activity, materials needed (e.g., shape printouts) to accompany the activities, and links and notes on how to make sure children can fully engage in each activity. The site also features an extensive Resource section with videos, articles, and links on teaching, as well as particular topics and issues of teaching (e.g., dual language learners).

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